Bby introduces sex toys and how she likes to be touched.

Bby Dickcheney is our Eroutique model from NYC, United States.We met in Milan, Italy where she studies at the art and fashion academy.

Talking about a variety of topics, we got into a sex argument and she opened up by telling us her most intimate and private thoughts about sex, pleasure, and her sexual experiences with humans and sex toys.

We asked her if she would like to let the Eroutique family know what she thinks and expects from sex and sex toys.

She was very excited by the idea to talk about her sexuality giving her contribution to helping people find their way to sexual pleasure.

Bby Dickcheney
Bby Dickcheney

As a young cosmopolitan woman, Bby started the conversation by giving a piece of advice on how to choose the right sex toy based on her own sexual biology, experience, fantasy, and desire. She explains the importance of knowing ourselves through masturbation in order to get (and give) the maximum sexual pleasure.

In mainstream porn for example we see that sex toys are usually used by men on women.This is totally fine, as to play in a couple is absolutely great. However, men should learn how to use sex toys and also fingers to please their female partners.

Female sexuality is much more sophisticated and complex than actually, male sexuality. Most of the porn scenes online are about hardcore sex and full penetration but sex it’s not only this. In real life, in authentic sexuality, not all women like full intercourse penetration or actually enjoy sex as seen in porn. Porn can be a great source of fantasy and inspiration.

When shopping for sex toys for the first time, a woman can be a little scared because almost all look like they need to be inserted into the body and that’s it. Bby doing sex toys shopping usually searches for more tender and delicate toys.

For G-spot, she prefers to use toys that are thinner because sometimes a hard, big toy can be a little painful. Usually more pleasant and more accessible are toys which have a vibration. Toys that are made for manual stimulation she recommends for couples that can be used together with oral or other kinds of sex.

Bby Dickcheney also recommends a toy that has a double vibrator – one to put inside to stimulate a G-spot and another for a clit. Her favorite toys are those that are made for sucking a clitoris. She admits that the feeling is almost like having a blowjob given by another person. Her favorite is the Lelo Sona because she can choose how intense sucking she wants at that moment and it has the perfect shape for her body and clit.

Bby admits that it is necessary that also a man has a sex toy like a Fleshlight. She feels that it is fun way and very exploring to use it in a couple’s sex life. Every man has a dream about a threesome and it could be very fun also for a woman to see how her man’s dick goes into another vagina. Sex toys is a good way to experiment with a body!

Bby Dickcheney
Bby Dickcheney

When it comes to pleasuring your partner or masturbating Bby Dickcheney suggests using lube because it can be much easier and more satisfying and prevents hurting yourself or your partner. If the vagina is not wet enough, Bby Dickcheney says not to put anything inside!

Bby likes to be touched by a human being or by herself first, starting with a clit or as she called The Golden Ball. It is not only because it is satisfying but also mechanically, this lubes up the pussy and helps the vagina to get ready. It going to make penetration much more pleasurable and easy. If you are doing it with your partner, it also serves to connect with the person with whom you will have a sexual act. It also shows that the other person cares for you and wants that you get the maximum pleasure from sex. The most intention at the beginning should be around clit. After all, is nice and wet she says it is very important to use suitable toys which can give pleasure because everybody has their own taste and body diversity.

As said before to touch her G-spot Bby prefers thinner toys that vibrate. It is not excluded of course that penetration can be pleasurable also with hands if there is the right knowledge of how and where the women like to be touched!

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Bby Dickcheney is half American half Italian erotic model. She is a goth barbie with an extreme sexiness, sharp mind and great sense of humor. Bby is a girl with a fit, super sexy body and blonde hair! Her art name comes from politician Dick Cheney who was a master of (George) BUSH! Her bush will make You to loose Your mind on!
Have fun!

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