Martina Violet: My Pregnancy, My Squirt, My Pleasure (PartII)

This is the second part of one of the most sexy and hot video I've ever shot. Touching myself in front of Pedro Saudek's camera was pure pleasure. Pregnancy enhances all sensations and makes my body much more sensitive to any stimulation. My vagina gets incredibly wet and I feel she opens up wide at the first touch. I come very easily and I have continuous and multiple squirting orgasm with lots of ejaculation and juice from my vagina. We decided to divide this video in two parts because I came many times and we thought it was more enjoyable for you split in two. While my masturbation I also had the very pleasurable feeling of my nipples dripping milk. My tits were ready to squirt out loads of milk if only I would have squeezed them...fortunately I haven't (not in this video) :-) Hope you will enjoy my pregnancy, my squirt, and my pleasure!
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