Lena Love: Wet PIANO

Lena Love is a goddess! She is one of the most beautiful and sexy woman I've ever worked with. She is now considered a MILF, but hey, she's hot!!! The way she explore her body and the confidence that she has with her pleasure is outstanding. She has full control of her body and she know perfectly how to stimulate her vagina to get the maximum of pleasure. She loves to stimulate her G Spot and she moves her fingers inside her pussy in a unique way. I was learning a lot watching her masturbating. Now I will tell you a secret: this scene had to be shot two times because...ehm...during the first take I simply forgot to put the card into the camera. It was late evening, we were tired, she already had several orgasms during the day, and when I found out that I didn't recorded anything she already had yet another orgasm! I was pretty sure that she wouldn't let me shoot the scene again, and I was not even comfortable asking her to. I never push the girl over the limit of their own pleasure and for me it is critical for them to really enjoy. Well, surprisingly, she offered me to re-shoot saying: "Ok, one more orgasm won't kill me" :-). Guys, this is something. I mean, she is great! And so this is what we have finally recorded...probably her tenth orgasm of the day. I love Lena Love!!!
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