Katya Clover: What A SURPRISE!

Katya Clover is sitting in the kitchen reading X-Man comics when she suddenly find that "someone" left a Fleshlight on the table. She is curious by nature and she wants to get a closer look...she find that there is also a clit vibrator right beside the Fleshlight. She starts teasing the Fleshlight and she puts her fingers inside of the toy vagina. With the other hand she starts touching her own vagina (already super wet!). It's something very exciting to compare the sensations of the two vaginas (she would love to have a penis to try what fucking the Fleshlight would feels like). When she is completely tuned on, wet and horny she starts masturbating with the clit vibrator, rubbing her clitoris and pussy labia. Katya keep stimulating her vagina and teasing the other vagina at the same time, and this quickly gets her an intense and contracting orgasm!
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